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Our admissions office gives you priority service to make your transition from prospective student to enrolled student smooth and prompt. You will receive the support you need to realize your educational goals.

Become a Southwest University Student
  Follow these steps or call 1.800.433.5923
  1. Look at Southwest degree programs -- determine which degree will further your career goals
  2. Review the associated tuition and fees and also the payment options.
  3. Check the Admission Requirements for your preferred program to ensure you are eligible.
  4. Get started now! Apply or Request an Evaluation.

Admission Procedures
All applicants must submit the following:

The completed Application for Enrollment form

Copies of your College/University transcript(s)
Official transcripts sent directly from the schools you attended will be required within 60 days of your enrollment.

Documentation of the successful completion of any specialized training programs (degree related) for which you are requesting credit.

Current resume'

The application fee of $75 (U.S. Dollars; non-refundable.)

Upon receipt of the above, the student will be notified of the study requirements that must be undertaken to earn the degree along with the total tuition and fees.

Enrollment Agreement / Registration Contract
An application must be accepted for Admission. Once accepted, the applicant must complete an Enrollment Agreement / Registration Contract and pay tuition and fees.


Other admissions policies:  Non-Discrimination  ·  Licenses / Credentials  ·  Time Requirements  ·  Denial of Admission


For a full description of all our admissions policies, please refer to our catalog.