Southwest University is located in Kenner, Louisiana, often referred to as part of the Greater New Orleans area.

The University was founded by Reg Sheldrick and Grayce Lee in Phoenix, Arizona, February 7, 1982. It relocated to Metairie, Louisiana in 1984 and became a Louisiana Corporation. The University was registered with the Louisiana Board of Regents and later became licensed by the State.

The intention of the founders was to establish a University that emphasized personal caring attention, working with adult learners who had already earned college credit. This approach to student relationships remains the priority, the Hallmark of the University today.

It was emphasized that the University's principals were available to speak and assist each student. Letters of motivation, encouraging and offering of assistance continues today.

The University has a colorful past. Accreditation was achieved January, 2004. Southwest University was the only Distance Education University from over 100 institution applicants in the state to achieve accreditation. It was a memorable experience to receive a standing ovation from the Louisiana Board of Regents in Baton Rouge.

In September 2004, eight months after achieving accreditation, our co-founder, Dr. Reg Sheldrick, passed away.

On August 29, 2005 the facilities of the University were totally devastated by Hurricane Katrina. Within one day the President had communication posted to students, families, all persons that records had been protected. No student was inconvenienced, nor services stopped.

The University continued to service all students from alternate facilities. Weeks later the staff was allowed to return to the city and establish a new base of operations in a slowly recovering Kenner, Louisiana. With limited phone lines, internet access and available resources, the University continued to service and enroll students.

The University was displaced for two and a half years while the facilities were rebuilt.

The plan to develop additional new programs continued. The success of this venture to add growth to the University was a goal of hope. Southwest University is privileged to continue to serve our outstanding students and graduates.


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