Master of Business Administration

A graduate degree is paramount for career advancement and upper management employment.

The focus of this accredited Distance Learning MBA Program is developing managers who can compete in the complex and ever changing business community.

The Master of Business Administration is a professional graduate degree designed to provide an intense educational experience for students and professionals in business who desire to assume positions of increasing responsibility in business.

It provides an opportunity for students to develop knowledge, abilities and attitudes that will constitute a foundation for their growth and understanding into effective administrators and creative leaders in business, industry and government.

Studies concentrate on the functional components of business operations.

  • A Baccalaureate Degree in Business or related fields
  • Thirty-six (36) semester hours, 12 courses, beyond the Bachelor's Degree
  • DSC 680 Managerial Decision Processes is required and the final course.
  • No thesis required
  • Cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better

Upon completion of this program, you should be able to:

  • Analyze ethical issues, evaluate ideals, and incorporate these ideals into real-world situations.
  • Analyze management and leadership and explain its influence on personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • Analyze, explain and apply systems of accounting and financial management in decision processes.
  • Evaluate the concepts and analytical tools of strategic management, decision making and ethics.
  • Analyze and evaluate the diverse issues and challenges of management and human relations management.
  • Evaluate, analyze and apply techniques of marketing, management, organizational management and leadership.
  • Analyze, assess and explain the legal and political factors which influence business decisions.
  • Evaluate and report how the economic concepts and tools of analysis can be applied to industry.
  • Evaluate business uses of information systems and explain new technology.

Course Requirements
MGT-610Information Management in Business3[+ More Info]
ACC-620Managerial Accounting3[+ More Info]
MKT-630Marketing Management3[+ More Info]
MBA-635Business Ethics and Responsibilities3[+ More Info]
MGT-637Organizational Behavior Management3[+ More Info]
ECO-642Managerial Economics3[+ More Info]
MGT-651Management and Leadership3[+ More Info]
FIN-655Financial Management3[+ More Info]
HRM-657Human Resources Strategic Issues3[+ More Info]
MBA-670Legal Environment of Business3[+ More Info]
MGT-672Strategic Management3[+ More Info]
DSC-680Managerial Decision Processes3[+ More Info]
MBA-682Special Topics in Business3[+ More Info]



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