Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

This program is designed to prepare the student for a variety of positions in law enforcement work and to enable experienced personnel to expand their knowledge and skills.

  • 120 Semester Hours
  • A maximum of 90 semester hours may be accepted toward fulfilling the degree requirement.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours with Southwest University.
  • Requirements Include:
  • 30 semester hours - General Education Courses
  • 24 semester hours - Core Discipline Courses
  • 66 semester hours - Elective Courses

Upon completion of this program, you should be able to:

  • Identify police issues, evaluate constitutional law and demonstrate an understanding of the police organization and its functions.
  • Summarize the history and development of the law of criminal evidence and examine evidentiary implications of the exclusionary rule.
  • Identify and describe the basic investigative process and its challenges.
  • Summarize the theories, practices and processes of crime control, the concepts of community policing and problem-oriented policing.
  • Identify and describe the Constitutional Amendments which influence the Criminal Justice System.
  • Assess the sociological approach to the study of crime and criminals.

Course Requirements

General Education Courses

Students must have satisfied or they must complete the following General Education courses:

ENG-100English Composition I3[+ More Info]
ENG-101English Composition II3[+ More Info]
COM-105Principles of Communication3[+ More Info]
NSC-136Natural Science3[+ More Info]
Select any two (2):
MATH-150College Math I3[+ More Info]
MATH-151College Math II3[+ More Info]
STAT-156Business Statistics3[+ More Info]
CIS-122Computer Concepts3[+ More Info]
Select any two (2):
HIST-110American History 1500 - 18773[+ More Info]
HIST-111American History 1863 - since 20103[+ More Info]
POLS-112International Relations3[+ More Info]
POLS-125World Politics3[+ More Info]
Select one (1):
PSY-130Introduction to Psychology3[+ More Info]
SOC-134Introduction to Sociology3[+ More Info]
Select one (1):
PHIL-160Ethics, Crime and Justice3[+ More Info]
PHIL-161Ethics3[+ More Info]

Core Courses

Students must have satisfied or they must complete the following core courses:

CJ-110Introduction to Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-176Introduction to Police Operations3[+ More Info]
CJ-180Survey of Corrections3[+ More Info]
CJ-185Introduction to Juvenile Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-201Introduction to Criminal Procedures3[+ More Info]
CJ-250Introduction to Criminal Law3[+ More Info]
CJ-311The Criminal Court System3[+ More Info]
CJ-329Constitutional Law3[+ More Info]

Elective Courses

CIS-205Basic Communication Technologies3[+ More Info]
CJ-209Survey of the American Legal System3[+ More Info]
CJ-212Victimology3[+ More Info]
BUS-214Public Speaking3[+ More Info]
HRM-215Introduction to Human Resource Management3[+ More Info]
CJ-220Basic Criminal Investigation3[+ More Info]
HR-225Principles of Human Relations3[+ More Info]
CJ-230 Introduction to Forensic Science3[+ More Info]
CJ-234Introduction to Criminology3[+ More Info]
CJ-237Leadership and Motivation3[+ More Info]
SOC-241Race and Ethnic Relations3[+ More Info]
MGT-243Administrative Office Management3[+ More Info]
CJ-258Domestic Violence3[+ More Info]
CJ-259Introduction to Drugs and Crime3[+ More Info]
CJ-264Security Management3[+ More Info]
CJ-270Community Policing Strategies3[+ More Info]
CJ-280Special Topics in Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-302Introduction: Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-304Juvenile Delinquency3[+ More Info]
CJ-310Administration of Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-335Criminology3[+ More Info]
CJ-340Introduction to Corrections3[+ More Info]
CJ-355Community Policing and Problem Solving3[+ More Info]
CJ-360Introduction to Police Administration3[+ More Info]
CJ-370Criminal Investigation3[+ More Info]
CJ-380Special Topics in Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-425Corrections in America3[+ More Info]
CJ-435Policing in America3[+ More Info]
CJ-440Criminal Procedure3[+ More Info]
CJ-445Criminal Evidence3[+ More Info]
CJ-450Criminal Law3[+ More Info]
CJ-459Drugs Crime Society3[+ More Info]
CJ-460Critical Issues in Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-469Supervision of Police Personnel3[+ More Info]
CJ-472Proactive Management3[+ More Info]
CJ-475The Police Manager3[+ More Info]
CJ-480Special Topics in Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]



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