Associate of Science in Criminal Justice

This degree is designed to provide students with an understanding of the Criminal Justice System and its interrelationship with society. Students will develop the skills, knowledge and abilities to enter or upgrade their present status in branches of law enforcement, federal, state, local, and private agencies. The Associates Degree will provide students with a competitive advantage for acceptance to further training provided by Criminal Justice Agencies.

Completion of General Education and specific courses in Police Organization and Administration, Juvenile Justice, Criminal Investigation or Criminal Law offers students the foundation to enter the Criminal Justice field or further their studies toward a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice.

  • 60 Semester Hours (Thirty semester hours must be General Education courses.)
  • A maximum of 30 semester hours may be transferred.
  • The student must complete a minimum of 30 semester hours with Southwest University.

Upon completion of this program, you should be able to:

  • Identify and describe the issues, trends and challenges facing juvenile justice.
  • Evaluate the sociological approach to the study of crime and criminals.
  • Provide an overview of the major components of substantive criminal law.
  • Provide an analysis of the causes and consequences of domestic violence and the positive law enforcement response.
  • Identify police issues and demonstrate an understanding of the police organization and its function.
  • Identify moral issues and concerns and the function of ethics in the justice process.
  • Identify the elements of criminal procedures.

Course Requirements

General Education Courses

Students must have satisfied or they must complete the following General Education courses:

ENG-100English Composition I3[+ More Info]
ENG-101English Composition II3[+ More Info]
COM-105Principles of Communication3[+ More Info]
NSC-136Natural Science3[+ More Info]
Select any two (2):
MATH-150College Math I3[+ More Info]
MATH-151College Math II3[+ More Info]
STAT-156Business Statistics3[+ More Info]
CIS-122Computer Concepts3[+ More Info]
Select any two (2):
HIST-110American History 1500 - 18773[+ More Info]
HIST-111American History 1863 - since 20103[+ More Info]
POLS-112International Relations3[+ More Info]
POLS-125World Politics3[+ More Info]
Select one (1):
PSY-130Introduction to Psychology3[+ More Info]
SOC-134Introduction to Sociology3[+ More Info]
Select one (1):
PHIL-160Ethics, Crime and Justice3[+ More Info]
PHIL-161Ethics3[+ More Info]

Core Courses

Students must have satisfied or they must complete the following core courses:

CJ-110Introduction to Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-176Introduction to Police Operations3[+ More Info]
CJ-180Survey of Corrections3[+ More Info]
CJ-185Introduction to Juvenile Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-201Introduction to Criminal Procedures3[+ More Info]
CJ-250Introduction to Criminal Law3[+ More Info]
CJ-311The Criminal Court System3[+ More Info]
CJ-329Constitutional Law3[+ More Info]

Elective Courses

Students may select 200 and 300 level courses. Courses at the 300 level are subject to faculty approval.

CIS-205Basic Communication Technologies3[+ More Info]
CJ-209Survey of the American Legal System3[+ More Info]
CJ-212Victimology3[+ More Info]
BUS-214Public Speaking3[+ More Info]
HRM-215Introduction to Human Resource Management3[+ More Info]
CJ-220Basic Criminal Investigation3[+ More Info]
HR-225Principles of Human Relations3[+ More Info]
CJ-230 Introduction to Forensic Science3[+ More Info]
CJ-234Introduction to Criminology3[+ More Info]
CJ-237Leadership and Motivation3[+ More Info]
SOC-241Race and Ethnic Relations3[+ More Info]
MGT-243Administrative Office Management3[+ More Info]
CJ-258Domestic Violence3[+ More Info]
CJ-259Introduction to Drugs and Crime3[+ More Info]
CJ-264Security Management3[+ More Info]
CJ-270Community Policing Strategies3[+ More Info]
CJ-280Special Topics in Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-302Introduction: Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-304Juvenile Delinquency3[+ More Info]
CJ-310Administration of Justice3[+ More Info]
CJ-335Criminology3[+ More Info]
CJ-340Introduction to Corrections3[+ More Info]
CJ-355Community Policing and Problem Solving3[+ More Info]
CJ-360Introduction to Police Administration3[+ More Info]
CJ-370Criminal Investigation3[+ More Info]



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